I design and create art quilts.

I invite you to view my quilts and learn about my journey in quilt making.

Enjoy my quilts!


My quilt, Awakening, was included in the exhibit, In Full Bloom 2013, at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas.

Ann's Quilt

The quilt has finally been presented to the recipient - with a totally successful surprise! - so I am free to post a picture.  I organized this quilt from friends and family of Ann, who is successfully fighting leukemia.  I had the assistance of another friend of Ann's who also quilts.  I began the process by contacting potential participants and creating a few blocks for non-sewers.  Then Kathy assembled the top, then back to me for free motion quilting (saying immodestly, I really like my free motion feather border!), then back to Kathy for the binding.
Ann loves her quilt and all that it represents!

Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza Opens

I will have tow quilts on exhibit at the show. 
The Zen Mirror

Night Phoenix

A Little Fun

My counted cross stitch sampler.  I customized a design from www.lizziekate.com - Thanks LizzieKate!

Headed to Houston !

I have learned that one of my quilts will be going to Houston - to the International Quilt Festival 2016, in November.  Happily, I will be in Houston too, so I will see my quilt.  The exhibit, Hands All Around, will then travel to other International Quilt Festivals around the country for a year.  It is always rewarding to have your work recognized as substantial enough for a show of that quality.  And  they present every single quilt in this huge show perfectly and care for each quilt with great care and detail.  On to making my next quilt ! 

Creating Inventive Bias Binding

Even though I have been posting about politics, I am still making quilts.  Sometimes a project takes a direction of its own. In that process, I came across what I think is a great idea.  My idea for this quilt began as a representation of Zen symbols.  As often happens, that idea went off the rails.  But in the process, I developed a good idea, IMHO.  I took a gorgeous border print fabric and turned it into bias binding.  I am adding pictures of the fabric and a portion of the quilt top, still under construction.  Stay tuned for an image of the final quilt!


I am finally able to share a picture of our Westie Friendship Quilt.  The quilt is a project from Westies Unite, an online group of people owned by westies (Westhighland White Terriers).  Group members are mostly Americans, but a few members are Canadian, British and Australian.  We try to meet once a year, preferably accompanied by the reason we are a group - our Westies!  But I digress.  Joan came up with the idea of how to do something for a member (human, that is) fighting an illness.  Only Joan (in Missouri) and me (in New Jersey) are sewers.  Joan sent squares of fabric around the US and Canada and members wrote on the blocks.  They sent the blocks back to Joan and she embroidered over what they wrote and drew.  Meanwhile, I made blocks for my westies and for the westies of the surprise recipient of the finished quilt.  Then Joan sent me her finished blocks and I put the quilt together.  Last night was the surprise presentation while the recipient was visiting another member of our group.  Joan and I got patched in on a speaker phone conference call.  It was pretty emotional.  So, I am finally able to post a picture of the finished Westie Friendship Quilt.